Green Living by Susan Gianevsky

Green Living by Susan Gianevsky

I have made a commitment in 2023 to share information that supports you to be nutritionally relevant. By this I mean that as our world has changed so does the diet we follow.  It isn’t enough to simply eat well as we need to become more aware of where our food is derived from as well as whether our body is strong enough to digest everything we eat. I still have people come to me and say I eat lots of kale and humus and I say that is great however, we need so much more than Kale and Humus when we eat … too much of anything isn’t good for you in the plant world too.


I also made a commitment to the care I give my body, hair, home and the meals I eat must always be supporting our planet.  I am really wanting to share the message with everyone I meet that it is up to us to keep our planet happy and be grateful for all that nature gives us.


When I share how I live my day everyone has assumptions that all I eat are the same vegetables and just have dips like Humus with everything.  This is simply not true as my diet is based on wholefoods but it is my supplements that have changed as I am very determined that everything that enters my body and my home is sustainable in every way. 


Eating green means eating whole, nutritious, minimally-processed foods that are healthy for you and the environment.

Think about how your food is grown and where it comes from, it could be having a huge impact on you and the environment.  We are all responsible for our world … are you changing your carbon footprint … one by one we can make this happen.


I have always bought my fresh produce from my local green grocer plus  I attend a local market that sells fresh produce that not only excites my taste buds but also helps the farmers.  I have a very good relationship with my local green grocer and he always tells me where his fruit and veggies come from.  He even keeps my favourite fruit and veggies for me so I always have what I need. 


I told Rob that now I am encouraging everyone to move to plant based supplements to be added to their health regime. It wasn’t easy telling Rob that we need more than just fruit and veggies to build our immunity as we are now living in a very different world.  He now understands that we need to keep our internal armor up with all the viral loading that is still circulating in our world today. 

Moving to GREEN living is made easier when we buy food and supplements which sustain our world as then we are participating in keeping our world happier and healthier for generations to come.


By Susan Gianevsky

Naturopath | Homeopath | International Speaker