Why Supplementing With Protein is Important

Why Supplementing With Protein is Important

Protein for  my vitality is motivating me to reach my health goals this festive season

 By Susan Gianevsky – B.Ed, Dip Hom, ITF – International Health Speaker/ Ambassador

I made a choice many years ago to do all I can to stay fit, motivated and slim.    I realized eating well was an important part of my health jigsaw but I didn’t realize the importance of adding pea protein to my daily regime until a few years ago.

 I seemed to be doing all the right things but by 3pm I would crave sugar, feel low and lose mental  focus.  I kept saying to myself,  I must be low in Vitamin B &  Magnesium never realizing that the missing link was protein until I added a Vital Protein  to my shake each day.    

I  started researching all the different proteins and decided to start taking taking pea protein as it was lactose free,   an excellent source of amino acids and  is naturally cholesterol and fat free.

I soon learnt that Vital Pea Protein was the only one in the marketplace that was a complete protein with high levels of Lysine, Leucine, Arginine and Phenylalanine.

 I now  find  3pm comes, I have my daily smoothie, I call it  my daily fix and I have another burst of energy and can’t wait to start  moving again…My motivation continues at a high as  I share this with  all my clients as they say I never look tired or age.    I believe staying positive and motivated keeps us younger, healthier and if adding pea protein to my day is going to make me get more done in my day then this will be my lifelong habit. 

How wonderful to have healthy habits that are keeping me slim, motivated and above all feeling great. 

Even after my first week on the Vital Protein, strawberry is now my favourite flavour,  I no  longer experienced pain after my long walks and gym workouts and I also felt an incredible high.  I thought then and there this is definitely part of my wellness pack. 

Did you know that adding  pea protein  to your daily regime reduces  your hunger levels as it slows the process by forming a greater number of peptides, thus delaying gastric emptying, lowering ghrelin levels and sustaining satiety for longer periods of time. 

Pea protein is considered a “greener” product than animal –based whey.  It contains 25-28 grams of protein per 30 gram scoop, while many whey proteins contain 20 – 23 grams of protein.  So all in all pea protein is a winner for me and for all my clients. 

Isn’t life so much better when you find a product that delivers all that it sets out to deliver.  I am a Vital Protein devotee now.  

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