Nimmst du dein Kalzium auf?

Are you absorbing your Calcium?

So many women take Calcium supplements as recommended by their health practitioner for many years and some still inform me that their Calcium levels are low. Many women now inform me that that their Calcium supplement is so much better as it has Vitamin D added to it. Vitamin D does assist but did you know that Magnesium assists in taking in the Calcium you are currently taking. Magnesium works in with Calcium to building healthy bones. Silica is also needed for Calcium absorption and improves the absorption of Calcium by 50%!

So next time you are buying a Calcium product always consider Tissue Salts – Silica & Mag Phos to further accelerate the pathways to healthier bones, strong & healthy nails, strengthens connection between jaws and teeth….

Tissue Salts stimulate cell metabolism and ensure the food and supplement you are taking will be delivered where it needs to be.

Martin & Pleasance Comb U includes Silica and is an ideal Tissue Salt combination to take alongside any Calcium supplement you are choosing to take as part of your health regime.

Did you know that Martin & Pleasance Tissue Salts are formulated the traditional way by mortar & pestle and this is the only brand I choose to prescribe wherever I am in the world. Don’t worry if you need Tissue Salts and are lactose free – Martin & Pleasance Tissue Salts are also available in lactose free sprays.

Enjoy, Susan

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