Spring Time Allergies

Spring Time Allergies

Spring is a time when our Hayfever and Allergies begin to dominate our day.  Martin & Pleasance provides key solutions to support you to begin building your cells before your sensitivities begin to take over. 


Comb H is a combination of 3 key Tissue Salts – Mag Phos, Nat Mur & Silica to work in synergy to activate your cells ensuring that you have your internal armour in place to prevent you from becoming derailed with symptoms associated with Allergies and Hayfever which can have an impact on your immunity if action isn’t taken.  I absolutely love this combination supporting your cells to be activated if you are sensitive to dust, pet hair, watery eyes, nasal drip, puffy eyes or stuffy nose.  Tissue Salts can be taken in a preventative way by taking the maintenance dose of one tablet 4 times per day or for acute symptoms taking the tissue salts every 30 minutes for up to 6 doses then every few hours until you feel better. 


Spring is a great time to have fun and become more active as the weather starts warming up and our mood starts to lift.  Don’t let the best time of the year be taken away from you but build strong cells and navigate your way to make this time of the year your best.


Combining Comb H with Allergy Relief is a supportive measure as the reason I formulated Allergy Relief was to provide further balance when living with allergies.  An easy and effective way to restore your balance and strengthen your immunity by activating your cells that need to be supported if you are living with sensitivities around Hayfever and the Allergy spray to be carried with you to provide the symptom relief needed to get you through the day.  The important message here is take Comb H at least 4  times per day well before the time of the year that most derails you and carry the Allergy Relief sprays using it as needed or if you have stepped into acute sensitivity that prevents you from getting on with your day use Comb H more frequently along with Allergy Relief.


I believe both need to be part of your first aid cabinet to ensure you have the 2 key solutions in place whenever you need the support.  The great thing about Tissue Salts is that they don’t mask symptoms but rather restore cellular balance needed when sensitivities begin to dominate your day.  Add Comb H and Allergy Relief to any current regime you have in place and step into a more balanced you.


By Susan Gianevsky

Naturopath | Homeopath | international Speaker

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