It’s Easter Time!

It’s Easter Time!

How wonderful to welcome Easter without the restrictions that have been part of our life over the last 2 years. The Easter eggs are out along with the hot cross buns well before Easter arrives. The smell of the hot cross buns is very enticing. 


As Autumn sets in, we become a little more resigned to staying indoors as the weather becomes cooler and the goals set in January are not as much a priority in April as they were a few weeks ago.


I encourage that you stay committed to your health regime this Easter. It is easier than you think when you arm yourself with Tissue Salts. 


Kali Phos & Mag Phos are the two Tissue Salts that will reduce your craving naturally along with Ener C


The problem when we saturate our body with too much sugar is that too many calories may adversely affect immune function.


Processed foods high in sugar often lack fibre which is important for maintaining a healthy microbiome, which plays a key role in immune function. [Add Vital All in One picture here]


It is also good to have Nat Sulph & Nat Phos at home if you have started to introduce chocolate and pastries back into your day and feel the after effects the next day. Using these 2 Tissue Salts every 30 minutes for 6 doses acutely and following every 2 hours will settle the unhappy gut in 72 hours. If you continue to feel uncomfortable, it is important that you visit your health professional. 


Keeping your gut microbiome healthy this Easter needs to be your priority! Everyday this year rethink your immunity as this will be the pivotal point that will make your Easter memorable and the confidence that good health gives you may very well be the inspiration needed to walk past those great smelling hot cross buns surrounding you now and living in moderation.


Dark chocolate is the choice I encourage as it is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health. Again in moderation! 


It is our birthright to stay healthy and become more aware on the habits we keep. 


Let Easter be the gift you give your heart & cells. 


Celebrate by adding to your health rather than letting sugar derail you. 


By Susan Gianevsky

Naturopath | Homeopath | international Speaker

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