Verbessern Sie die Gesundheit des Zahnfleisches Gewebesalze mit Calc Fluor, Kali Phos, Kali Mur

Improve gum health Tissue Salts with Calc Fluor, Kali Phos, Kali Mur

Tissue Salts – gum health

I have always looked after my teeth especially from my twenty’s onwards.  We all know that Vit C is an important vitamin to boost gum health. So many people understand the importance of flossing your teeth and brushing twice daily but did you know that Tissue Salts may also assist the health of your teeth.  Calc Fluor may strengthen tooth enamel, both Kali Phos & Kali Mur have been key Tissue Salts to support gum health. Gums hold your teeth in place and the health of your gums will determine how long your teeth will be part of your life.  Starting to go that extra mile with your dental regime will ensure that your gums will benefit and further support your teeth. 

Every day when I wake up I rinse my mouth. Then place one spoon of Sesame oil in my mouth and keep swishing for 20 minutes. It is called oil pulling read about this method on google…I monitor my gums as I was one of those girls that had braces on later in life and have had sensitive gums as a result.  Tissue Salts have helped me and now it is great to share with you that my gums no longer bleed and are pink rather than bright red and inflamed.  If your gums are sore and are bleeding please visit your health professional as you may have an infection that needs to be treated. In summary I love the support Tissue Salts have given my gums and I share this with clients and also a friend of mine – a homeopath formulated a product which includes Calc Fluor called Receding Gums Relief that you may like to learn more about.

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