How to change the direction of your health in 2023 with Martin & Pleasance

How to change the direction of your health in 2023 with Martin & Pleasance

Change in our health is about taking full responsibility for everything we do on a daily basis and it is a great way to start 2023 as our wellbeing belongs to us.

After a few weeks we wonder why our lives are just the same. We are tired and lethargic - just can’t be bothered to do anything differently - this is because we are where we are because of our mindset, the food and lifestyle we keep.


What if I told you that starting today to commit to your health and wellbeing will have an impact on you tomorrow.  This is all it takes, waking up and saying today is the day I give to myself to being making positive wellbeing changes in 2023.  Why not start right now… you have nothing to lose but so much to gain.  Just try it is all I ask for 14 days and before you know it you will become committed to staying well.  Whatever you chose to eat and do all plays a role in the year you have.


We know that we cannot enjoy good health if we are depending on a diet filled with processed foods, sugar, lack of vegetables and fruits daily. Shaking up our diet to include fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and protein sources is a good start to our wellness jigsaw. I am not asking you to buy organic but I am encouraging that you try and choose natural grown foods that are not processed with added salt and sugar.  I call myself an organic woman as I choose a natural way of living from all that I eat and clean my home with. 


When fed properly, the digestive system powers us through life, but it isn’t magic. It cannot make quality fuel out of unhealthy ingredients, which is why we must eat well if we want to run at optimum speed. The better the fuel we consume, the better we will operate. 



Ki Immune Defence does just this - with it’s activated key ingredients it has an impact on our gastrointestinal tract as well as building white blood cells to strengthen our inner resolve to build the inner fortress to prevent the vital loading that can derail our health and vitality.


 Eating well is important but I believe we need so much more to support our physical self to maintain a healthy microbiome which impacts on our digestion which plays a huge role in building a stronger immunity.


Good Health gives us freedom and this is what 2023 can be for you - the year you gave yourself vitality that keeps building your inner freedom so energy is part of your day to day living. We all know when we build a strong immunity and vitality we feel empowered- Vital All in One with 70 ingredients all working in synergy to give your cells the food they need to stay healthy at the same time providing an increase in energy, vitality and endurance. How good is this!



At the start of this article I spoke about taking full responsibility for your health in 2023 and Martin & Pleasance has made it easy by providing great tasting formulas all made in Australia suitable for everyone to enjoy.


I have always suggested to my clients how you start the year is so important in navigating your way to good health throughout the weeks and months that will make up 2023.


Your cells, your organs, your eyes, your nose, your ears, your skin, your hair, nails, your teeth, your fingers, toes … are part of the whole of you - when you commit to a health regime you begin taking care of the whole.


Making yourself the priory at this time is the gift that keeps giving. So what will it take for you to become your priority?



By Susan Gianevsky

Naturopath | Homeopath | international Speaker

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  • Tineke R

    Hi, I’ve always eaten well from childhood but I was a heavy drinker for 25 years and I think that has had a massive effect. I have inflammation and arthritis but not huge. I have some digestive problems now caused I believe by the medications I was given over two knee replacements and recovery.
    I am also diabetic since the operations.
    I’m looking to help my gut problems which is mainly a bloated upper abdominal area. I have sludge in my Gall Bladder now too.
    I have been taking homeopathic meds for 30 years including Bach Remedies and tissue salts sometimes directed by professionals and more often on research and instincts.

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