Healthy, Happy Skin

Healthy, Happy Skin

"I buy the best creams and still my skin is ageing…how can I slow down the ageing process?"

I believe that we can all slow down the ageing cycle by simply providing the cells with the food they require to maintain youthful skin at any stage of one’s life. Healthy skin isn’t about spending hundreds of dollars on skin care but rather providing the cells with the minerals they need to improve elasticity, vitality and moisture within the skin cells. When our cells are healthy they enable the skin to be more elastic, our food to be better absorbed, and to reduce inflammation by maintaining acid/alkaline balance. Healthy ageing is really about how well we look after our cells.

For many years I have been recommending Tissue Salts, especially Silica, to support healthy skin, hair and nails. The signs of ageing can be reduced by simply including Calc Fluor and Silica from the Tissue Salt range in your daily regime.
This combination of tissue salts is a simple but effective natural regime that won’t break the bank balance but keep your skin looking fresh and wrinkle free.

Calc Fluor No. 1 – Elasticity

This Tissue Salt regulates the degree of elasticity in a tissue until its normal condition is restored.


Silica 6X – Cleanser & Conditioner

Silica is involved in the production of collagen, the protein that contributes to skin elasticity, firmness and resiliency of the hair and nails.



It is best to take Tissue Salts 4 x per day for a good few months.

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