Fröhlichen Valentinstag

Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day this week and I see it as a day where we need to fall in love with our cells. Cellular health is key to ongoing health and wellbeing. Once February comes around it’s time to revisit the goals we set at the start of the year. What habits did you want to let go off that were weighing you down in 2018. Do you want to reduce or give up smoking, drinking, sugar, overeating…Tissue Salts can support your cells to ensure that cravings are dramatically reduced and you can begin the journey you planned for January.  


Feb Fast is a great movement that encourages anyone to start thinking about changing drinking habits by stopping all alcohol for a month. Any choice takes a decision – make a choice and choose a Tissue Salt to assist with your cravings – Mag Phos at least 4 x per day and Kali Phos known as the nerve nutrient at least 4 x per day to support your nervous system as when we stop or reduce a habit that has been part of our lives for a while we may experience side effects such as irritability, headaches, nervous tension…a number of my clients have enjoyed success with reaching health goals by simply adding these 2 key essential minerals for a minimum of 3 months from February onwards.


Remember that Tissue Salts can be taken alongside prescriptive medication and any other health regime followed. Also, it is important to note that taking Tissue Salts every 30 minutes is recommended for acute dosage for up to 6 times daily. Your whole family and even your pets can enjoy improved health with Tissue Salts…

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