Does Summer Health start in WINTER? By Susan Gianevsky

Does Summer Health start in WINTER? By Susan Gianevsky

We often forget that staying healthy during WINTER is just so important to the way we enjoy the rest of the year. So many try to detox or lose weight the moment Spring /Summer arrives that it takes a lot longer to step into good health. 

However, by increasing your protein TODAY you will be able to step into Spring & Summer healthier than ever by remembering these 3 steps

  1. Protein supports alkalinity in your body and reduces cravings for sugary and fatty foods as we feel fuller for longer – it’s harder to say no during Winter as the cold seems to make us hungry all day. Adding Pea protein will provide you with a dense protein that is rich in soluble, insoluble fibre, magnesium, iron, omega oils, manganese…
  2. Supporting your winter immunity that will support you throughout the year begins with boosting your iron levels – eating protein rich meals such as red meat, lentils/ beans, spinach, silverbeet, brown rice, cashews, tofu, whole-grains and if your levels are low you will find adding Spatone to your daily regime will provide you with a naturally sourced iron without the known side – effects Unflavored Plant Protein
  3. Stress has a way of derailing our health as we are to focused on what needs to be dealt with that we forget about our health. It’s easy to say just stop thinking about all that is bothering you but it’s not as easy as that…this is where Rescue Remedy comes to the Rescue. We can cope with Winter if we are well rugged up but having a bottle of Rescue with you wherever you go will provide you with the internal winter armour that we all need to better deal with all that can derail our day…

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