Become the architect of your health in 2024 by Susan Gianevsky

Become the architect of your health in 2024 by Susan Gianevsky

A new year brings so much promise as it is a fresh start to the beginning of another year. How we start our year holds so much promise to keep the flow going daily. It becomes the barometer or the design of how to set up your days ahead.

My slogan for 2024 is If it’s to be, it’s up to me - I am encouraging you to take charge of each day as a day where you are building the best health for every organ in your body, as well as your cells and emotional well-being.

We are more than a body and our mind plays a role too so always make time to be still and do some stillness exercises like closing your eyes and listening to peaceful music.

January is a great time to start moving more - after a busy festive season with lots of get-togethers our health is first challenged by tiredness and lethargy - this is a great time to turbocharge our cells by regulating mineral levels and jump start your metabolism. Your metabolism is like an engine - it needs the proper fuel to start its effective job of absorbing all that you are eating and supplementing.

Become more mindful of what you are eating and supplementing with. Be your gatekeeper in 2024 making healthier decisions and hydrating yourself more by increasing your water intake to at least 1 litre a day especially in the Winter months where we can find it a little challenging to drink water due to the cooler weather and extreme temperatures as the winter days keep flowing on.

What are your 3 health goals for 2024 and what will you need to do to reach them?

Rather than taking the same supplements as you did in 2024 why don’t you shake it up a bit and move into taking powder form or chewable supplements in the Winter months - your body will thank you for them as they are already broken down giving your body a break when they are ingested. During Winter we don’t move as much and boosting your nutrition will support a healthier Spring & Summer to step into later in the year.

Vital Supplements

Also, consider your body & face care being uplifted with an organic range of products that allow all of you to be infused with organic oils that are uplifting as well as cleansing and hydrating.

 Body Care Products

Don’t forget that your home care can be uplifted in 2024 with only natural cleaning products selected avoiding any harsh smells and residue floating in your home… If you haven’t tried this way of cleaning your home I invite you to make the switch in 2024 and I know you will never look back.

Home Cleaning Products

Make this year count because you are worth it!

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