Emotional Fitness is more important than Physical Fitness

Emotional Fitness is more important than Physical Fitness

I believe emotional fitness is more important than physical fitness!  We cannot engage in physical fitness if we are not feeling energetic, motivated or dedicated even in the slightest.    This is all part of the emotional platform that needs to be restored for us to enjoy physical fitness that is so important for our whole body and mind too.  Getting out of bed, sleeping well and sticking to a healthy lifestyle all comes from taking responsibility for our self. 

Knowing that we can fine tune our emotions with Bach Flowers is a relief as they are unique flower remedies founded by Dr Edward Bach who was a medical practitioner in the late 1800’s who was so ahead of his time.  Imagine a medical doctor knowing that the emotions his patients kept played a role on how they overcame their illnesses or the energy they had in the day.  Bach Flowers have made a resurgence again which pleases me to no end.  There isn’t another modality like these unique flower remedies that have impacted millions of people around the world. 

I have been a practitioner for more than 25 years and I was introduced to the impact these amazing flowers can have on our emotional platform that I started using them daily myself and I landed in a place of calm, focus and my outlook changed to being so more positive. 

No one believes I was such an anxious and sensitive young woman who became a courageous practitioner because of the impact of Bach Flowers.  I made sure that every client that came to see me walked out with a bottle of Bach Flowers and now this is replaced with the Rest&Quiet Bach Flower range that is targeted to the emotional fitness we need today. 

We are needing more Calm, Focus & to find a way of sleeping through the night since CoVid hit.  We are now trying to get back into our lives,  but I believe everything has changed, from the way we socialize, to the way we live in our homes.  We became so used to staying at home during the restrictions and now we no longer need to wear masks everywhere.  There is an unknown fear that hovers around in our minds – What if we all go back into lockdown we keep thinking…

The Rest&Quiet Range of remedies provides the daily solutions we need to face the day with courage, energy and the calm to make the most of our day. 




Being able to enjoy listening and being present in our day supports  emotional wellbeing. Everyone searches for some calm in their day to cope with the demands of our busy lifestyles. Everything is busier - our day, our needs, our mind, the roads we drive on. I don’t see this changing very soon however,  we can change the way we see our world by the thoughts we keep.

I believe there is a need to remain focused during the day as focus supports a present mindset which further supports achieving more in your day. When we are focused we are more able to complete tasks so that they don’t build up. 


When we feel overwhelmed, we step into emotional unrest that depletes our daily wellbeing.  Our emotions dictate the colour of our day.  Keeping a positive mindset adds to our overall health.  The mind-body connection is very important and we all learnt the importance of this connection especially in 2020 during the CoVid crisis that put all our lives on hold. 


We also realized during this time that keeping a positive emotional platform was key in determining how we were going to cope with our daily fears, challenges and setbacks that were part of our still world standing in order to cope with the health crisis we were all facing.  


How we feel, how we relate to ourselves and others determines our emotional barometer.  Having good emotional health supports our capacity to communicate, form and sustain relationships.  Emotional balance relies on our mindfulness and what it is we are focusing on.  Focusing on all that is working in our lives allows us to stay positive whereas focusing on all that is going wrong in our day prevents us from moving forward leaving us to feel stuck. 


When we own our day we have better outcomes as we take responsibility for every step of the way.  This is a positive mindset.  Taking full responsibility for our emotional wellbeing is as important as eating well, exercising, studying, staying hydrated…it is about being aware when we need more focus, calm and better sleep patterns that will serve the mindset in the long run. 



Emotional wellbeing doesn’t mean being happy all the time, it means you own and become aware of your emotions.  If you have a gym membership that isn’t being used make sure you find out more about this range of Bach Flowers that has steered all my clients back into shape starting from their emotions. 


Emotionally healthy people still feel stress, anger and sadness but they know how to manage their negative emotional state.  They are fit to handle a problem on their own.  Becoming emotionally fit means starting to learn how to restore and nourish your inner calm, focus and sleep so you can make this your daily habit.  We all know that healthy habits are worth keeping.


By Susan Gianevsky

Naturopath | Homeopath | international Speaker


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