PROTEIN (18.5 g per 30g serve) (vanilla)

Our premium European pea protein is a superior vegan protein. Unlike other plant proteins it contains over 18 amino acids which matches the profile of whey protein. It is perfect for building and restoring muscle mass and aiding in performance both pre and post exercise.


TART CHERRY (250mg per 30g serve)

Tart Cherry has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps with exercise induced muscle pain. Consumption aids in recovery when consumed both pre or prior resistance exercise, by increasing antioxidative capacity, reduced inflammation and decreasing symptoms of muscle damage.


L-GLUTAMINE (5g per 30g serve)

L-Glutamine is used by recreational athletes for exercise recovery.

It helps restore plasma glutamine levels depleted after periods of physical stress and helps to assist in muscle cell repair after exercise.


MAGNESIUM (350mg per 30g serve)

Magnesium is pivotal in energy production. It is used to treat muscle spasms or tension, pain and physical symptoms of stress or hyperexcitability.  It is important for athletes performance, as a deficiency in magnesium can lead to increased sweating and impaired carbohydrate metabolism.


MANGANESE (6mg per 30g serve)

Manganese is an essential element and is pivotal in the dietary to avoid magnesium deficiency. It helps people recovery from strains, sprains or other sport related injuries.