Calc Sulph - Nature’s Corset

Calc Sulph - Nature’s Corset

 It’s interesting how everyone has a favourite Tissue Salt but over the last 30 years since I’ve been promoting Tissue Salts to everyone I meet I don’t hear that Calc Sulph saved their day.

This article is to shed light on one of the most effective Tissue Salts in the range of 12 that need to be part of our cell matrix on a daily basis for optimum wellbeing.


Calcium Sulphate occurs naturally in the body in cartilage - it’s also important as a component in amino acids.

This mighty mineral that also influences the formation of connective tissue and supports the growth of new cells swings into action when it has the effect of expelling pus  to ensure proper drainage of the cell debris and then is able to support the wound healing hence the name nature’s corset as it pulls the skin together to heal after all the pus has been pushed out.


This mineral is for anyone who has ulcers that are not able to heal, boils, unhealthy looking skin that is dry and supports rheumatoid disorders.


Imagine knowing that you can bring any boil to a head so it can be effectively drained therefore able to heal. Tissue Salts never cease to amaze me and this is one Tissue Salt that can change the health of your cells effectively.


Let Calc Sulph walk with you today. Simply chew 1 tablet 4 x per day or use the Calc Sulph spray. 4 sprays into your mouth 4 x per day or more often if needed.

Just know that Tissue Salts can have your back and bring you back to cellular balance easily & effectively.

Turn back time and enjoy the gifts that follow.


Enjoy, S


By Susan Gianevsky

Naturopath | Homeopath | international Speaker

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