Step Into Veganuary 2023 With Schuessler!

Step Into Veganuary 2023 With Schuessler!

Schuessler comes to the rescue to support your cells  as you move into your new vegetarian or vegan lifestyle

Today more and more people are choosing to follow a vegetarian diet and once this is experienced and health benefits associated are enjoyed some go that one step further and start following a VEGAN diet.

If you are choosing to start following a vegan diet make sure you start taking care of your health as it is important that you receive a good balance of protein, Calcium, Iron and Omega oils to keep building your health.

Choosing to be Vegetarian or Vegan is a lifestyle choice that supports health only if care is taken in absorbing all that has been eaten.  With a Vegan diet there are 7 key nutrients that need to be supplemented with when you start following this specialized diet.  The following need to be restored on a daily basis for you to enjoy living the Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle with a strong immunity. 

  • B12
  • Omega 3’s
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Vit D
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium

vegan diet

To ensure that you can absorb these nutrients it is important to support your cells with Tissue Salts.  It is worthy to note that VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS can only get cellular acceptance provided the cells are adequately mineral-enriched and balanced in the first place. 

If these minerals are absent, the body will battle to absorb even a tiny fraction of these supplements as they will become a stress for the cells, which are missing the minerals for the intra- and extra-cellular balance to pave a smooth entry for vitamins and other substances.

vegan diet with schuessler tissue salts

Healthy Schuessler Tissue Salt spray solutions for better health

Calc Phos – Bone Health - found in bone, teeth, connective tissue and gastric juice – for anaemia

and indigestion – assists in building new cells.

Kali Phos – Nerve Tonic – found in tissue & fluid of nerve & brain cells.  Also,  muscle cells need this for mineral – for nervous tension, irritability & nervous tension headaches

Mag Phos – Muscle & Nerve Relaxant – found in blood, bone & teeth to support spasmodic pain, muscle cramps, and twitches


The 5 Phosphates which includes key minerals needed when we feel mildly anxious, irritable and have lost our spark.

Select 1 or up to 3  sprays to take 4 x per day to boost cellular health daily  and activate the overall absorption from your supplements and diet. Tissue Salts are micro doses of minerals that need to be taken 4 x per day and for acute symptoms it is best to take them every 30 minutes for up to 6 doses and then back to the daily doses of 4 x per day.  It is best to stay on the Tissue Salt sprays for at least 3 months for optimum results


By Susan Gianevsky

Naturopath | Homeopath | international Speaker

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