Stay Focused by Susan Gianevsky

Stay Focused by Susan Gianevsky

Without focus, we are unable to prioritise our time and have confidence in making decisions. If we simply retain focus, we can achieve our objective for the day more successfully.


How can we stay focused?



Start by doing exercise that inspires you to move. An oxygenated body and mind assist with your focus during the day.  

Eat Well

Nutrition is the fuel that activates your day.  Eat a balanced diet to feel better emotionally, mentally, and physically. Try to eat the rainbow to ensure you are getting a diverse range of vitamins & minerals.   

Maintain a healthy weight
Your metabolism can change as you age, and it can become more difficult to maintain an ideal weight. Eating to fuel your body is essential, rather than being driven by cravings & unhealthy foods - these will derail your focus and lower your energy. 


Catch 7-8 hours of sleep
Did you know that 7-8 hours of sleep per day is critical for maintaining healthy metabolism and managing stress? If you struggle with sleep, visit a health professional who can work with you to get back into a healthy sleep routine.


Have a daily routine
Start your day with a plan. Write a to do list or use your calendar to avoid becoming overwhelmed by your day.

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