Schuessler Tissue Salts are needed by your cells by Susan Gianevsky – Martin & Pleasance Chief Health Officer

Schuessler Tissue Salts are needed by your cells by Susan Gianevsky – Martin & Pleasance Chief Health Officer

Have you ever thought about your cells? Your cells are the cornerstone of every flow in your body from building muscles, your nervous system, your metabolism, your blood flow, even your ability to chew your food and whenever I ask anyone how are your cells they cannot answer me as cells are hidden from our view but they know everything you are up to daily.

I have been so passionate about Tissue Salts for such a long time as I have never found a modality that can rebuild our cell matrix. We should all be grateful to Dr Schuessler who recognised that we needed to regulate our mineral levels and not just build them in our body. What is the use of storing high levels of mineral levels if they just sit there? Tissue Salts activate your cells with the minerals they need to perform their daily duties.

Tissue Salt

We can recognise which Tissue Salts are needed by our body by observing our symptoms. You may wonder why you are experiencing cramps when you have spent so much money on the best Magnesium and this is because the Magnesium ions are not where they are meant to be to relieve cramps amping, shooting, darting or spasmodic pain. Mag Phos supports your Magnesium levels to be regulated at the cellular level to assist with muscular twitching, hiccups, and those sudden twinges of pain along with Sciatica and even headaches. You can still take your Magnesium and invite you to try a plant based Magnesium which will build your Magnesium levels and you will need you Mag Phos to be taken throughout the day to act as your internal GPS… change the way minerals live in your body today by adding a Tissue Salt to your regime.


Tissue Salts regulate mineral levels and do not supply the body with the minerals it needs..their job is to help the body compensate for disturbances in the distribution and absorption during imbalances/illness. Tissue Salts are the key that supports the cells to do their job effectively supporting the flow within. Tissue Salts help in stimulating healing processes, and in generating and stabilising the body. They are suitable for everyone in your family even the most sensitive as they are gentle but effective in supporting the cells to be restored at the cellular level.


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