Reset your inner landscape with Tissue Salts

Reset your inner landscape with Tissue Salts

Let your cells support you in 2023.  Make your health regime deliver the nutrition where it needs to be in your body.  Our cells are the essence of who we are and yet we never spend time thinking about them during the day.  At this time of the year, everyone is thinking what is the fastest way to lose the excess kilos that crept on during the festive season and change the direction of my health.

I believe you can go on any diet, even strengthen your willpower and even take the most expensive supplements but this doesn’t mean your cells will be activated to support you.

Tissue Salts stimulate cell metabolism ensuring your mineral levels are regulated with overall absorption from your diet and supplements taken are being delivered where they need to be to support.

Tissue Salts are the solution for healthy cells and only when we have healthy cells can our digestive, nervous, muscular skeletal and circulatory systems in our body do the work needed to support overall health and wellbeing.

Be kind to your cells today, tomorrow and all year…your cells will have your back providing you with a stronger internal balance needed to build a stronger immunity where energy becomes your gift from staying in good health .

Poor sleep, gut imbalances, headaches, join pain, low energy can all be supported by restoring cellular balance.  Tissue Salts are very easy to take and they can be taken by your whole family even those that are lactose intolerant.

This is a good time in the year to jump start the health of your cells with Comb 12 which includes all the 12 vital minerals our cells need to support our body daily.  The reason Tissue Salts are taken 4 x per day is because they are micro dosed minerals that need to be part of our day each day.  They do not interfere with any other health or pharmaceutical regimes followed but rather prepared the landscape for good health to be built on.

With all that is going on in our world, one thing I know for sure is that Tissue Salts that are still prepared by hand in Australia by Martin & Pleasance are the gift of good health you can easily give to yourself. 

Take charge of your health and start nurturing your cells today.


By Susan Gianevsky

Naturopath | Homeopath | international Speaker

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  • Patrice McCutcheon

    Hi I’m suffering from few health problems , No1:. Flat feet planter fascillites , swollen ankles . With pain. No2: whole body all dried up , but feel as if I have fluid or water rention in abdomen, & ankles, have fatty liver disease, headaches, sinuses. No3:. Sciatica pain in buttocks , thighs, legs cramps, feet, back pain… No4:. Whole body not working properly. No: 5. Bladder inflammation & bacteria, post menopause. Vagina inflamed & smells. No6:. Chronic itchy skin never stops itching hands feet, ears, & head, with nerve pain, joint pain, muscle pain. Leaky gut … Can you prescribe anything, or know root of the problem… Oh & have high homeocysteine

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