Listen to Your Body & Your Cells

Listen to Your Body & Your Cells

Many years ago, I gave a lecture in Courmayeur (Milan) on “If your cells could speak what would they say about you and what would they ask for?”

My cells, I am sure they were speaking to me last night at around 8.30pm. I went to my large fresh orange bowl and thought do I want to eat an orange or should I squeeze an orange and drink the juice of this bright coloured gift from nature. I couldn’t stop myself from squeezing my first orange in more than a week and guess what happened after this. I went back into the kitchen and just kept on squeezing oranges and drinking the fresh juice glass after glass. I then woke up feeling amazing and wide awake, I even slept well too.

I ask you today how well you listen and understand the needs of your cells. I learnt this a while ago when I started my love affair with Tissue Salts. I realized that when I was experiencing an eye twitch if I took Mag Phos for the whole day and days that followed my eye twitch simply disappeared, never to come back as I had regulated the Mag Phos at the cellular level. 

What if we tuned into ourselves a bit more and made time for ourselves, we would be able to nourish the needs of our body. This seems too good to be true and I invite you to observe how you feel when you are eating wholesome food that you have been craving for. 

I go back to last night and I cannot explain how I felt after the fresh juice entered my bloodstream.  I felt all fueled up.

Every morning I have set up a routine for myself and haven’t felt so happy in a long while. Besides my health being at its optimum best my emotional state is also at its optimum best thanks to Bach Flowers. My day starts with taking Tissue Salts and taking my plant-based Iron supplement, my Vitamin C sachet blended in with my collagen and I am set for my day after my 2 sprays under my tongue of a blend of 6 Bach Flowers with added B12 that work in synergy called Rest& Quiet Focus.

I don’t take the same supplements for the whole year but I do take the supplements and eat the wholesome food that I feel I need that gives me the kick start to my day daily.

We can only enjoy vitality if we nourish our cells with the food and supplements that are easily absorbed throughout our day.  We simply don’t wake up with vitality if we are not listening to ourselves, our rhythms.

Step into taking total control of your health today!

By Susan Gianevsky

Naturopath | Homeopath | international Speaker

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  • Deborah Logan

    Re: Vital iron supplements
    I am unable to take most iron supplements as they cause constipation and associated gut issues however my iron levels remain quite low (I am 50 years old).
    I also found that asparagus can flare up an IBS episode and I see that it is an ingredient in the Vital iron supplement. I have been struggling to find a suitable iron supplement for many years – is there a sample size of Vital available please?
    Many thanks


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